Drive 4 Your Life For Parents
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Program Overview

Drive 4 Your LIfe

Drive 4 Your Life is a program which includes extreme everyday situations, using simple exercises in car control that are followed by more difficult exercises designed to closely simulate actual road emergencies, while simultaneously utilizing exercises to create mental connections between decisions and consequences. This generates a real-life connection by using real world driving situations that increase in difficulty throughout the course.

There are two basic areas of experience that you will explore in the Drive 4 Your Life program:

  • The first area is the basic five requirements of safe operation of a vehicle: visibility, path of travel, space, time and traction.
    • If any one of the five requirements changes a significant amount, one or all of the others also must change, and therefore require some modification of behavior to compensate and maintain your safety net.
  • The second objective, while integrated in ways with the first objective, has two key elements: involvement and decision making skills.
    • One of the roles of a driver is to process information, as we described above, but also to make decisions based on the information perceived, and when you are distracted, you cannot process driving information. Only when you are committed or engaged, does the concept of anticipation, and decisions and consequences have a true meaning. This reverses the Barca-Lounger video game mentality of "If I crash, I back up, put it in drive and continue on." This mentality is NOT the real world.
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