Drive 4 Your Life For Parents
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Teen Testimonial #1

I just wanted to thank you. Just this evening, I was driving home and I noticed the driver behind me had 4 other teens in the car and she was on her cell phone. She wasn't paying attention that I was in front of her. I sped up a little noticing she wasn't going to stop. Your class taught me to always have an escape route. Luckily, I took your class. There was about 4 feet between me and the car in front of me, and I immediately moved forward as the girl behind me slammed and screeched her brakes as she slid. If I hadn't thought about the escape route, my car would be totaled in the rear. I probably would have suffered major injuries from how fast she was moving and not to mention my insurance rate. I don't know where I would be today if my mom had not signed me up for your class. Thank you so much! You have truly saved my life for coming out with a program like this.


Teen Testimonial #2

Since taking the course, I already have had to use what I have learned in the real world. One bad driver that I noticed on the road pulled out directly in front of me and stopped. Thanks to Mr. Kircher's course, I was able to miss the car by veering to the right of it. By having practiced this situation in the course, my chances of hitting the car was decreased since my reaction time became much faster.

I have been blessed to take this course, and hopefully, every young driver will be able to experience it as well.


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