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Why is my personal vehicle being used?
The purpose of using your own vehicle is to learn and understand how YOUR vehicle reacts under extreme circumstances. Different types of vehicles react differently.

Will my car be damaged over the weekend?
No, tire wear and brake wear should be minimal. Just make sure all the fluids are checked and all loose articles from inside the passenger compartment and the trunk are removed.

What is the proper attire for the weekend?
Since most of the class is spent outdoors, weather-appropriate clothing should be worn. No open toed shoes or flip-flops. Lunch is not provided. You may bring your lunch to eat in the classroom or go to a local restaurant to pick up food.

Does your parent need to stay for the class?
Attendance is not mandatory, but we recommend it.

Do I get an insurance discount at the end of this program?
State law mandates a 30-hour classroom and 6-hour driving time minimum for a legislated insurance discount. We believe that it should be reversed, but as the statute stands, Drive 4 Your Life does not qualify for the discount. We prefer to deliver success as success. However, you will receive a diploma, and your individual insurance agent may honor a further discount.

Do you need to have a driver's license?
No, a learner's permit is sufficient and, in fact, preferable. We like for you to visit us as early as possible in your driving career to start off with the correct habits, however at least 20 hours of behind the wheel experience is necessary to maximize the advanced nature of Drive 4 Your Life.

Are your parents allowed to ride with you while doing exercises?
No, that time is reserved for instructor-student bonding.

What happens if it rains?
We deliver the program rain or shine.

How much time is spent in the classroom and how much is actual driving time?
There is a group discussion session of about 3.5 hours on the first day. The rest of the 2 days is driving time.

Can your parent sit in the classroom with you?
Certainly. However, before the group discussion begins, you and your fellow students will be condensed to the front of the classroom to aid in focus and concentration.

What happens if I cannot make my scheduled participation date?
If notice is given 30 days prior to the event, the date may be re-scheduled to a date mutually beneficial. If it is less than 30 days, it is at the Companies discretion. Please note that there will be no refunds.

Drive 4 Your Life